how to choose programmable rgb led controller

by:HoldPeak     2020-04-12
RGB LEDs are widely used in home decoration and provide many amazing dynamic lighting effects.Built-in RGB controllerCan meet the needs of most users.A programmable rgb led controller is required when you want to create stylish and custom color effects.
The programmable rgb led controller enables the user to select the color to be programmed and then play the color at different effects (such as jumping, fading, flash and Flash) and at different speeds.For those who want DIY rgb lighting effects, the wireless programmable RGB led controller is a perfect choice.The entire wireless system should include the programmable control signal sender with RF signal, and the RF signal receiver compatible with the sender.
The sender should be able to control rgb led lighting and have programmable functions and send RF signals to the receiver wirelessly.The receiver shall pair with the sender through the key on it and receive the control signal, whose output shall be connected to the lamp and pass the PWM signal to control them.The RF receiver may have AC and DC versions, you have to figure out the Input type of the rgb led, and of course your rgb led should be dimmable, usually, the most widely used LED for decoration is with DC12-24 v input, so the dc rf receiver should be used.
Some outdoor projects may use AC high voltage LED light strips and then an ac rf receiver that is waterproof is required.If a dc rf receiver is used, an AC to DC power supply is required.In addition, the DC version has a constant current version and a constant voltage version, and you must select the appropriate DC version according to the input type of the fixture.
Once all the information is confirmed, the next step is wiring, which is easy to do according to the user manual, please be sure to power off before wiring.Well, now that everything is done, it\'s time to start.Learning is easy by pressing the key of the sender and receiver.
Then choose the color you like and program it with programmable functions.Once the program is saved, just play them with different effects, such as jumping, fading, flash and flash, and different running speeds, and you get amazing results
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