How to clean the infrared thermometer

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-17
How to clean the infrared thermometer release date: 2020 04 - 10 '

we sometimes use infrared thermometer for a long time, the above there is a lot of dirt. Actually, as you know, infrared thermometer. On some of the pollution, will not affect the accuracy of double color infrared thermometer, but for monochromatic infrared thermometer has great influence. , of course, if the lens is too dirty and make the sensing head can't get enough of the infrared energy, even double color infrared thermometer, the measured temperature value there will be a big deviation, so in the daily maintenance in use, should pay attention to keep the lens clean, in order to ensure the normal operation of the thermometer, meet the needs of the measurement.

so what should we do the right, clean first when we clean the lens should be conducted in accordance with the following steps carefully:

1, gently blow away the dust. If dirt is more, can use compressed air to blow slowly, etc.

2, with a soft brush or lens paper gently wipe away the rest of the particles.

3, the cotton swabs dipped in distilled water or lens paper wet, wipe the lens surface, be careful not to leave scratches. For fingerprints or other oils, can use the following cleaning methods:

1) industrial alcohol kodak lens agent (2) ethanol (3)


when do lens cleaner, should according to the need and the actual situation to choose the appropriate method, pay attention to the movement wants light, want to use soft, clean cloth, until see the lens surface color, then dry in the air. Don't go to dry the surface of the lens, lest leave scratches. If the lens on the coating layer, oxide can be used to wipe, then dry in the air.

we must attach importance to, can't be in the process of cleaning for infrared thermometer into the water. We must be careful to wipe, can we protect our infrared thermometer.

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