How to correctly use handheld infrared thermometer

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-27
How to correctly use handheld infrared thermometer release date: 2020 - 03 - 30 21:47

with the progress of science and technology era, we use of some items also have higher requirements. Mercury thermometer, for example, that it is not safe to the elderly and children at home. Thus there are a lot of friends, chose the infrared thermometer, it is divided into a lot of kinds. Of course one of the most common and most commonly used is holding a thermometer. May have a lot of friends don't know how to use a hand-held infrared thermometer correctly. Today I'll tell you how to correctly use handheld infrared thermometer.

we are the first point is to know the distance measurement. General handheld, infrared thermometer in the distance were his forehead 3 - 5 cm can be measured.

there are many kinds of handheld infrared thermometer, can measure the forehead already, also can be measured after ears, armpits, ear nest etc. Any bare skin parts. But note that forehead temperature measurement, hair, with sweat on his forehead, hat or scarf, etc are likely to affect the accuracy of the measurement data.

of course, we also want to know how to protect our infrared thermometer. Point 1

is not to near infrared thermometer are electrically charged objects, so as not to click, and please don't use infrared thermometer is greater than 80% relative humidity environment.

the second

please don't be too near electromagnetic range (using infrared thermometer Such as radio, mobile phone) 。 Third point

please do not use infrared thermometer or near the fire in the sun insolates, more cannot come into contact with water. The first four

please do not hit or drop infrared thermometer, please do not use if you have any damage.

the last point, if need to clean our handheld infrared thermometer, we use alcohol gently wipe the surface of the instrument.

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