How to install the wind anemometer?

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-16

wind anemometer sensors install anemometer wind direction, wind speed sensor sensor fixed on the cross arm and installed on the gas bar. There are many types of wind poles, and often use can be connected through the metal tube placed three common types of drop test bar. Installed on both ends of the cross arm and twelve of the cylinder at the top of the seven core pin plug used to connect wind speed sensors and wind-direction sensors respectively. Placed at the bottom of the cylinder at the end of the cross arm a 12 core cable, plug cable used to connect to the collector of 12 core the wind. Installed in the following order of wind speed sensor; 1, the assembly sensor reading sensor manufacturers prepare sensor operating instructions, assembly after removal of packing sensor according to the instructions. Then, the direction of the wind speed sensor installed in the indoor the corresponding horizontal arm. 2, assemble the wind lever a, on the hinge bracket is installed in the wind shaft base, adjust the level with two M20 nut fixed; B, on the ground in order of the thickness of three metal round bar, and the wind sensor cables through the hinge base 3, a wind sensor installation, install the wind sensor of the base in the bar at the top of the wind; B, the wind sensor is installed on the air on top of the stem base. If cross arm flush with the ground, the cross arm for north and south. If want to consider prevailing winds, should calculate beam Angle with the ground, so that the direction of the wind sensor can point to the north. 4, installation of lightning rod, lightning protection device will be installed on the top of the windshield, and copper screws to fix the conductor on the lightning rod. If the grounding device is located at the windshield lower part, the conductor will down wind deflector; If the grounding device under the lasso base, the conductor will fall to the cable. Every 1 meter, tied on a wire. 5, vertical wind lever when using vertical wind lever, a lot of people should work together, stem lodging shall not stand in wind direction. 6, the direction of inspection using image of north arrow to check if the wind sensor on the north refers to point north. If there is a slight mistake, please loosen the screw foot and rotate slightly the entire rod wind, make the wind sensor on the north arrow pointing to the north. If the error is very big, please put it in the wind on the rod and rotating beam. Vertical direction correctly, check whether the wind lever, adjustments tighten or loosen the cable. 7, complete examination should not particularly tight or loose cable in particular, all screws are tightened.

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