How to measure wind speed is an indicator

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-22

how indicator measuring

vane is measuring equipment, to the wind in the meteorological, chemical, mining, agriculture and other industries use very widely, because an indicator has high sensitivity, start wind speed is small, durable, and other advantages, is how to measure wind speed? Below small make up combine wuhan vane, to analysis the vane how to measure.

the ground meteorological observation in the measurement of the wind is a two-dimensional vector, usually use the wind direction and wind speed, said most wind direction refers to the stipulated time period frequency up to the wind, the wind speed is refers to the horizontal distance per unit time of air, the wind if they are using artificial observation, then with 16 orientation method, if it's with wind direction in degrees (automatic observation ° ) As the unit.

usually refers to the maximum wind speed in a certain period of maximum 10-minute mean wind speed, easily confused with maximum wind speed, because the maximum wind speed is the value of a time period instantaneous wind speed, the instantaneous wind speed is obtained by three seconds of the average wind speed measurement.

the wind amount of average is an average period of time, this value is mainly used for manual measurement method, the maximum wind is also one of the important data of artificial observation times, but when the automatic observation, you will need to use multiple values, such as: the average average wind speed, wind direction, the maximum wind speed, maximum wind speed.

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