how to read an analog multimeter on a dryer outlet

by:HoldPeak     2020-01-15
The analog multimeter reads the voltage of the power socket and battery.
AC power socket (AC)
When the battery uses direct current (DC).
When you buy a new dryer, it is important to know the voltage value at the outlet of your dryer.
Some dryers require more or less voltage than others.
If the socket you are using is not strong enough to support the dryer you are using, you may fuse and damage the dryer, socket or even home electrical settings.
You can combine the multimeter with three-and four-prong outlets.
It takes only a minute to use and read the analog multimeter, and in the end it can cause you a lot of trouble.
Warning: Do not touch the tip of the probes when they are in a power outlet, you may get an electric shock or electric shock.
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