How to solve the problem of online pressure instrument calibration

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-17
How to solve the problem of online pressure instrument calibration

pressure gauge is widely used in metallurgy manufacturing industry in the liquid, gas, steam pressure and vacuum measurement. Among them, most of the pressure meter used in blast furnace ironmaking, liquid steel refining, slab continuous casting and steel rolling production process and raw materials into the factory management activities, on the basis of the process pressure parameters on site as a display, adjust and control the special instrument, they are both auxiliary technology and cost accounting method and safety operation of the means of supervision, its effectiveness is affected directly to enterprise increase or decrease the consumption of raw materials, product quality high and low, safety and stability. One, the problem of oversize is continuity of cohesion in each process of metallurgy manufacturing enterprises, although often cause a lot of pressure instrument to test cycle, but because cannot shut it cannot be removed from the line inspection of pressure gauge, and cause the class super cycle pressure meter and lose effectiveness, the class in a pressure meter is in violation of the law on metrology of the relevant legal system, ISO10012, ISO9001 and other international standards set by the controlled and the requirements of the relevant legal measuring instruments out of control, its measurement test data also will lose the authenticity of the law and sex. At present most enterprises implement the pressure instrument offline inspection methods ( Is sent to the business enterprise inside or outside the enterprise professional laboratory examination/calibration, the general range of 0 ~ 100 mpa) , as a result of dismantling inconvenient, and offline verification/calibration fee for a long time, a certain effects on the production control. Then send the pressure gauge is under the standard conditions in the laboratory examination/calibration, and the operation condition of the site condition condition difference is larger; And inspection/retrieve the increasing costs and on the way to avoid knock against vibration, etc. ; The validity, accuracy and economy of the intended use of objective gap. In order to keep in with pressure gauge its validity, accuracy, efficiency and on-line calibration of pressure gauge is a super large metallurgical enterprises confront new topic, and in all the different levels of discussion in metallurgical enterprises. Second, pressure instrumentation online calibration plan 1, the working principle of pressure gauges, pressure meter works by spring tube produce elastic deformation under pressure or vacuum tube displacement, the displacement amplification by mechanical transmission mechanism, and then passed to the indicating device, can be engraved with the legal units of measurement points on the dial the measured pressure value indicated by the read pointer or vacuum. 2 (1) the expected goal, online calibration: implementation of the online calibration to meet the needs of the production process measurement, reduce the inspection fee. 2 calibration instrument range: this enterprise the scene with pressure gauge. (3) calibration range: 0 ~ 100 mpa (4) the calibration accuracy of contrast: 1. 5% ~ 1. 5] 6% target: realize the online pressure instrument controlled and effective. [6] calibration solution type: type a, ideal calibration the comparison; B, the practical calibration. 3, the material preparation (1) special pipeline punch 2 in accordance with the scene corresponding controlled pressure meter accuracy and range of a few effective standard table. (3) calibration record. Three, online calibration than plan to explore 1, a: practical calibration of pressure gauge than

(1) in the same line: from the proposed site is calibrated pressure meter to the appropriate range, with dedicated pipeline puncher, pipeline derivation in the middle of pipeline placing a globe valve ( Globe valve closed) , after the cut-off valve outlet pressure transmitter installation and fitting was controlled effectively standard gauge calibration instrument with specifications. Slowly open the valve to open, for the pipe flow media fully into the standard table after a few minutes, read two pieces of table indicating value respectively. (3) fill in the calibration record. 2, 2, ideal type of pressure gauge calibration than homemade one simple flow pressure calibration. (1) on the fluid pipe, closed in with ( That is to be calibrated) Pressure instrument valve 1 ( The cut-off valve closed) 。 2 after the cut-off valve may be extended appropriately guide line. (3) in the extension of the pressure piping installation guide a tee. (4) three links of the straight pipe mouth of the outlet installed in the pressure meter indicates zero. 5] three links of the mouth of the t-tube outlet newly installed cut-off valve 2 ( The cut-off valve is closed) 。 [6] in the cut-off valve 2 followed by special pressure calibration tube to simple flowing pressure preset special calibration tube interface on stage. Once have controlled pressure calibration table is preset and effective corresponding specifications of the standard pressure gauge. After being checked without omission, one by one, slowly open the cut-off valve, cut-off valve, 2 to 1 open; After a few minutes, read two pieces of table indicating value respectively. 'levies to fill in the calibration ratio on record.

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