If you do your anemometer is discarded

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-11

use anemometer must pay attention to the problem:

1. In use, in case of anemometer sends out a abnormal smell, sound, or smoke, or a liquid into the anemometer internal, please remove battery to turn it off immediately. Otherwise, there will be damaged by electric shock, fire, and the risk of anemometer.

2。 Don't expose probe and anemometer ontology in the rain. Otherwise, it may have the risk of electric shock, fire and injury and personal.

3。 Don't touch the probe sensor parts.

4。 Anemometer when not in use for a long time, remove the internal battery. Otherwise, the battery leakage, may cause damage of anemometer.

5。 Do not place anemometer at high temperature, high humidity, dusty and direct sunlight. Otherwise, will cause the damage of the internal components or anemometer performance deteriorate.

6。 Do not use volatile liquid to wipe the anemometer. Otherwise, it may lead to anemometer shell deformation and discoloration. Anemometer has a stain on the surface, can use soft cloth with neutral detergent to wipe.

7。 Don't fall or pressure anemometer. Otherwise, will cause the anemometer failure or damage.

8。 Do not touch the probe in the case of anemometer charged the sensor position. Otherwise, will affect the measurement result or cause the damage of the circuit inside the anemometer.

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