Infrared imaging thermometer is accurate? The authority to respond to

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-02
Infrared imaging thermometer is accurate? The authorities responded to the release date: 2020 - 03 - 23 as

at present a lot of railway stations, airports, hospitals, government office building, shopping malls, office buildings have begun to use thermometer, infrared imaging for inspection at the beginning of the crowd. When temperature anomaly researchers, machines, automatic alarm, medical personnel just before the meeting for further testing. The temperature measuring equipment has greatly increased the temperature measuring speed, in the case of guarantee the accuracy of improve the efficiency of the crowd to traffic.

but for infrared temperature measurement accuracy, there have been many people in doubt, it can accurately determine whether people have a fever? Recently WeiJianWei news conference, a reporter this problem are put forward.

a researcher at the Chinese center for disease control and prevention Feng Luzhao explained that this temperature screening is the outbreak of suspected cases in the screening and a means of screening, according to the relevant information as you can see, the infrared thermal imaging body thermometer and the traditional thermometer or temperature compared to the measuring equipment such as gun can achieve some distance, can reach several meters, for example, in the case of non-contact detection of multiple targets simultaneously temperature.

so that we can avoid staff retention caused by large temperature detection, can reduce the staff contact, it should be said to have certain benefits, reduce the risk of disease transmission, safe and convenient, is a way of screening fever people in public places. Feng Luzhao pointed out at the same time, however, accuracy of infrared thermometer are influenced by the external environment factors, choose according to the actual situation of local use around advice.

infrared imaging temperature measuring instrument is through the body's heat invisible infrared energy into visible image, is to simply the temperature from one become filled with images of the temperature data, numerical efficiency is one of the biggest advantage.

the general infrared thermometer will view the scene as a hot spot in temperature measurement; Infrared imager scenery in the field of infrared radiation flux and its distribution, as well as relative value of the resulting infrared image contrast; Infrared imaging thermometer will view scene measured temperature distribution, and the infrared image with isotherm, false color, such as display, is obtained with the actual scene and includes temperature and its distribution of infrared image.

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