Infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement system and epidemic RACES: AI power infrared thermal imaging temperature measuring instrument

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-02
Infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement system and epidemic RACES: AI power infrared thermal imaging temperature measuring instrument release date: 2020 - 03 - 27 22:01 epidemic prevention as the public's first line of defense in artificial intelligence automatic infrared thermometer, non-contact temperature screening function, its high efficiency in railway stations, airports and other crowded public area, can play an irreplaceable role.

the currently used infrared thermometer mainly divided into two kinds: AI hand-held infrared thermometer and the automatic infrared thermometer.

in the stream of public places, such as railway station, airport, subway, wharf, office buildings, such as handheld infrared thermometer by artificial screening efficiency is low, at the same time will also be workers exposed to danger.

automatic infrared thermometer with a non-contact, long distance, large area, the advantages of rapid screening for body temperature. Dense flow automatic non-inductive customs clearance, once found abnormal body temperature, the instrument will automatically display and real-time alarm. It will greatly improve the efficiency of screening, means that in a crowded place to large-scale rapid screening and reduce exposure risk.

after the outbreak, February 1, the State Council issued by the organization to do infrared temperature detector and accessory parts production enterprise urgent notice to return to work and production work. Clear the cervix infrared detector in epidemic prevention and control key materials. All parts of the country's demand for thermometer rapidly, from 300 ~ 400 annual demand growth to the current requirement of thousands a month. The ministry expects 60000 sets of automatic infrared thermometer demand throughout the country.

industry researcher expects: recent outbreak, infrared equipment needs show explosive growth, the outbreak will open space for the infrared equipment, infrared temperature measurement device on the future of public facilities may become the standard. In the short term will form a billions of market.

the core technology of infrared thermometer in the heart: the uncooled infrared focal plane detector, is to use the infrared thermal imaging and MEMS sensor technology to develop integrated circuit chips, is composed of chip detector. Detector and circuit design, software algorithm to make machine core module, finally make the application of terminal products. AI intelligent infrared alarm system can monitor temperature screening at the railway station, airport, station, wharf and other key transportation hub and shopping malls, office buildings, schools, large flow in public places, such as automatic face recognition, non-inductive customs clearance, rapid detection of abnormal body temperature, provide epidemic prevention first steel line.

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