Infrared thermometer buying guide

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-11
Infrared thermometer group buying guide understand working principle, technical index of the thermometer outside, such as environment, working conditions and operation and maintenance is to help users choose the right and the use of infrared thermometer. General non-contact infrared radiation temperature measurement products including portable, on-line and scanning three categories, and equipped with a variety of options and the corresponding computer software, and various models and specifications in each category. In different specifications of the various models in the thermometer, correctly choose the infrared thermometer ') ) ; Infrared thermometer model is very important for the user. Here only how to correctly choose the thermometer model is put forward considering steps, for buyer reference. Choose the infrared thermometer can be divided into three aspects: 1, the performance indicators: such as temperature, spot size, working wavelength range, measurement accuracy, response time, etc. Environmental and working conditions, such as environmental temperature, window, display and output, and protection of the attachment; Other options, such as easy to use, maintenance and calibration performance and price and so on, also choose to have influence of the temperature measuring instrument. With the development of technology and constantly, infrared thermometer; Infrared thermometer zui better design and new progress provides users with a variety of functional and versatile instruments, expanded the choice. 2, determine the scope of the temperature measurement is an important a thermometer zui performance indicators: such as Raytek ( Raytek) Product coverage for the - 50℃- + 3000 ℃, but it cannot be made from a type of infrared thermometer; Infrared thermometer. Each type of thermometer has its own specific temperature range. Therefore, the measured temperature range of the user must consider accurate, comprehensive, neither too narrow, do not be too wide. According to the blackbody radiation law, in the spectrum of short-wave radiation energy caused by temperature change will exceed the emissivity of the change of the error caused by the radiation energy, therefore, when the temperature should choose as far as possible short wave is better.
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