Infrared thermometer is harm to human body?

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-31
Infrared thermometer is harm to human body? Release date: 2020 04 - 01 and skilful

recently because of the outbreak, infrared thermometer is familiar, almost every crowded places have special personnel responsible for the measurement of body temperature, ordinary mercury thermometer is not able to bear the task. This time, a lot of people will want to infrared thermometer can bad to the body?

the outbreak period, each offices, shopping centers, and community and so on all need to measure body temperature, basically use infrared temperature measuring instrument, fast and convenient, save time and effort, to ensure the safety of people's life, so you have any idea for infrared is also understandable.

the Chinese center for disease control says: the working principle of the infrared thermometer is when the human body infrared thermal radiation on the detector, the detector will reduce the radiation power is converted to electrical signals, after electrical signals by ambient temperature compensation, into a unit to display the temperature, so the infrared thermometer is not for our human body infrared ray, but receiving body of infrared radiation, so there is no harm to human body.

in a lot of need to pay attention to while using infrared thermometer, hot, positioning to find hot spots, the instrument at the target, then the target for scanning movement up and down, until sure hot spots. When measuring the temperature can't through the glass, the glass has a special reflection and through the features, do not accord with the requirement of infrared temperature measurement.

I think we are all believe in the power of science and science and technology to tell us the working principle of temperature measuring instrument after must have less worry about you, and we want to believe in the power of the state, the outbreak will be in the past, now is only temporary.

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