Infrared thermometer is harmful to human body

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-31
Infrared thermometer is harmful to human body release date: 2020 - 03 - 31 22:08

infrared thermometer is the time everyone common temperature and ear temperature gun gun, the instrument, we compared common mercury thermometer, the forehead thermometer, have no need to contact with people, quick detection, the advantages of digital display is very intuitive, especially for more local visitors, can significantly improve the efficiency of detection, practicality is very strong.

it's outbreak period control infrared thermometer is very widely used, there are many people worry about the infrared thermometer of infrared is harm to human body. Actually it wrong human body infrared emission infrared thermometer, it is the recipient of body's infrared radiation. So it won't cause harm to your eyes and body.

of course, some people will be curious how it is receiving infrared thermometer body of infrared thermal radiation, a researcher at the Chinese center for disease control and prevention Feng Luzhao said the working principle of infrared thermometer is when the body of the infrared thermal radiation focused onto the detector. Detector will reduce the radiation power is converted into electrical signals, the signal after being compensated environmental temperature in temperature unit to display. So the infrared thermometer is not for our human body infrared ray, but receive our body's infrared radiation, so it is no harm to us.

so we don't believe rumors and to transfer rumours, everything all want to believe that the scientific explanation.

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