Infrared thermometer should be how to use?

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-30
Infrared thermometer should be how to use? Release date: 2020 04 - 01 accounted

you are already familiar with infrared thermometer, so how to correct to use the infrared thermometer?

we all know that infrared thermometer, it is divided into two forms, one is: contact; Another is: non-contact.

the use of infrared thermometer method than the traditional mercury thermometer to operate simple, traditional mercury thermometer, it has a scale, when the position of the mercury to also turned around, it is bad for the elderly, children don't understand easily. And infrared thermometer, the elderly and the children can learn to, and the infrared thermometer with no mercury, reading more clearly, to use safety and environmental protection, also need not worry about mercury omissions. Was deeply loved by the family, the safety of the airport also often have the appearance of the infrared thermometer.

here, I will explain for everybody to use the correct way of using the infrared thermometer.

(1) before the measurement, in order to get accurate temperature measurement values, when greenhouse changed a lot, should put infrared electronic thermometer in indoor 15 Twenty minutes in use, if little change can be used directly.

(2) the forehead hair gently pulls ( If you have children, parents need to provide help to the child) 。

(3) wiped the sweat on the head, make sure there are no hat or cosmetics to cover.

4. Aim the infrared thermometer on the center of the forehead, measuring the distance of 3 - 5cm。

5. Press the measurement switch ( When hear drops) , infrared thermometer will show the temperature immediately.

6. It is important to note that the infrared temperature is according to the person's skin color, thickness and the differences in the human body and environment temperature change is big, the measured temperature values are different, this is normal phenomenon, because the more exposed body parts are more affected by temperature.

7 after completion of measurement, data storage to measure the temperature of the numerical results will be automatically saved, the data displayed in the LED the bottom right hand corner, press the up button to view the data stored, can also make a record in a timely manner.

today if forehead forehead sweating or to other causes can't normal temperature, can measure from behind the ear lobes.

the use of the above is the measurement of infrared thermometer, hurriedly away!

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