Installation of automatic meteorological station

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-18

when installing automatic meteorological station, what are the rules? The automatic meteorological station wind instruments is not easy to install. Observation instruments and facilities within the region should be paid attention to decorate, they do not influence each other, easy to observe. Specific requirements are: 1, high instruments and facilities in the north, low equipment facilities in the south 2, all kinds of instruments and facilities according to the row and arrange, in a row, from north to south, interval is not less than 4 meters, north and south between not less than 3 metres. Instrument not less than 3 m observation area edge. Instrument is placed in the south of the near east-west, observers from the north close to the instrument. 3, because the condition can't install radiation observation instrument in the observation area. 4, radiation observation instruments because the condition can not be installed in the field of vision, and total radiation, direct radiation and scatter radiation can be installed in the sky, sun and wind observation instrument conditions meet the requirements of the roof platform, reflection radiation and net radiation instrument installation qualification on behalf of the foundation surface 5, in order to observe clouds and visibility, the site must be as wide as possible, and need to be the most wide view of the sky and the surrounding area. If necessary, can choose alternative point; 6, for rain gauge, and the wind will reduce the rainfall interception, so you need a certain degree of barrier.

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