Instrument and meter industry

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-15

instrument and meter industry

from the perspective of the economic type structure of industry enterprises, state-owned enterprises in the first half of the sales revenue has dropped to below 15%, foreign-funded enterprises have more than 50%, the private enterprises accounted for 35%. From here you can see instrumentation industry throughout the mechanical and electrical industry belongs to the industry restructuring and transformation progress faster, a number of state-owned enterprises have to private.

the other foreign-funded enterprises in our country is also very active, many foreign instruments multinational companies have investment in China, or to expand production. Investment there is no more than two years before joint ventures of private enterprise, from the investment in the first half of this year began to joint ventures more than private enterprises, more than is relatively large. Foreign-funded enterprises invest actively rise shows very bullish on the prospect of China's market of foreign investment.

overall, instrument and meter industry there are three characteristics of the investment: relatively high profit margins; High initial investment is not large, continuous investment; The large difference of varieties kinds of multifarious, investment management.

instrument than the average of high mechanical industry average profit margin of 0. 6%, and also in the world. A mature instrumentation products or companies in mature stage, about 40% gross margin in the world. For example, now the oil price, oil at the time of measurement, to measure the comparison. We in the gas station of the meter can't more than 0. The precision of 5%, but 300000 tons of oil tanker to our country to the delivery of degrees to 0. 1%, 0. 1% of the oil measuring instrument we generally called quality oil meter. This product ripe, profit margins of more than 50%.

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