Introduction to the impeller anemometer

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-19

impeller anemometer

impeller anemometer has a built-in timer recording within impeller anemometer and without timing device not recording impeller anemometer. Recording impeller anemometer ( The figure below) Use is simple, but the timing device is easy to damage. No recording impeller anemometer measurement at a stopwatch to cooperate, accuracy than recording impeller anemometer, and related to the operator proficiency.

use vane anemometer measurable 0. Small wind speed of 5 ~ 10 m/s. In ventilation and air conditioning test, mainly used to measure the tuyere wind speed and air conditioning equipment.

use and maintenance of the impeller type anemometer note:

( 1) Long before the use should check the anemometer, short needle is zero, if not zero but top pressure lever back to zero, the long and short needle back to zero.

( 2) Handheld instrument or put it tied to short wooden at measuring point, the impeller airflow direction perpendicular to the plane. When the impeller speed stability, and then press start lever, will follow according to the finger, according to the time should not be more than 1 s.

( 3) Timing red needle first began to walk, when it passed 30 s, kacha sound can be heard, wind speed pointer began to move. Stay time after 60 s, and can hear clicks, wind speed pointer to stop moving. In the 30 s, timing red needle will automatically stop.

( 4) Pointer indicated value and is large and small wind speed measured wind speed per minute, 60, divided by the wind speed per second.

( 5) Test is completed, press the back pointer back to zero at zero compressive bar, ready for the next test.

( 6) Instrument in use, it is forbidden to use the hand touch and collision impeller, prevent fall. After use clean to put one box.

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