Introduction to the ultrasonic thickness meter

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-15
An ultrasonic thickness meter

using ultrasonic pulse reflection of objects in the medium thickness test according to ultrasonic thickness

ultrasonic thickness meter mainly host and probe of two parts. Host circuit including counting emission circuit, receiving circuit, display circuit three parts, high pressure shock wave produced by firing circuit incentive probe, produce ultrasonic transmitted pulse wave, pulse wave after the medium interface reflection was receiving circuit to receive, by single-chip microcomputer count after processing, the thickness of the LCD display, it is mainly based on sound wave propagation velocity is multiplied by the sample time in the sample of half the thickness of the specimen by

nature of sound waves with frequency can be divided into three categories: infrasound, sound, ultrasound. Called the infrasound below 20 hz frequency fluctuation; Between 20 and 20 KHZ frequency sound wave is called; In more than 20 KHZ frequency fluctuations called ultrasonic. We sound the human ear can hear but can't hear infrasound and ultrasound. We are ultrasonic medical applications of ultrasonic, the order of magnitude of the frequency in MHz. Ultrasound and audible sound in essence is consistent, they all have in common is a kind of mechanical vibration, usually in the form of longitudinal wave propagation in elastic medium, is a form of energy transmission, the difference is the ultrasonic frequency is high, short wavelength, within a certain distance along a straight line transmission, good beam and directivity.

ultrasonic thickness meter application

ultrasonic thickness meter because ultrasonic processing is convenient, the thickness of nonmetal materials, and have good directivity, ultrasound measurement of metal, both fast and accurate, no pollution, especially in the license only one side can be touch, more can show its superiority, ultrasonic thickness gauge is widely used in all kinds of plate, pipe wall thickness, the boiler vessel wall thickness and local corrosion, rust, so for metallurgy, shipbuilding, machinery, chemical, electric power, nuclear power and other product inspection of each industrial sector for the safe operation of the equipment and modern management plays a major role.

ultrasonic cleaning and ultrasonic thickness gage is only part of the ultrasonic technology application, and ultrasonic technology can be applied to many fields. Such as ultrasonic atomization, ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic drilling, ultrasonic grinding, ultrasonic level meter, ultrasonic level meter, ultrasonic polishing, ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic motor, and so on. Ultrasound technology will be widely used in all walks of life.

applications: oil, shipbuilding, power plant, machinery manufacturing, and thickness of pressure vessels, chemical equipment of boiler, storage tanks and other measuring and corrosion.

measurable material: measurable any hard material, such as: steel, cast steel, aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, quartz glass, polyethylene, PVC, gray cast iron, ductile iron, ceramic, plastic and other any good conductors of ultrasonic thickness.

pipe measurement floor: be determined by the sensor

battery voltage indicator: low voltage tip

pipe measurement limit: Ф 15 x2. 0mm,Ф20X3. 0 mm determined by probe

calibration block: including

ultrasonic thickness meter standard configuration:

host 1

5 m Ф 8 sensor 1

coupling agent 1

instruction 1

the portable box 1

optional accessories:

6 m Ф: small diameter sensor measuring range, Steel) : 1. 0 - 50. 0 mm allows contact temperature - 10 ~ + 600 c

5 m Ф 12: high temperature sensor measuring range, Steel) : 1. 2 - 225. 0mm( Room temperature)

allowed temperature - contact 10 - + 300 degrees

RS232C cable and software

ultrasonic thickness meter usage

ultrasonic thickness meter test error reduction method, ultrasonic thickness meter relationship between the surface of measured object is large, the general object surface rust is more, with such measure thickness of sand paper burnish ultrasonic thickness meter for measuring the thickness of the surface of electrodeposited coating, paint is to choose single crystal probe, ultrasonic thickness meter of single crystal probe can echo - Echo pattern, without removing paint coating thickness measurement.

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