Is how to identify the direction of the wind?

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-22

vane is how work?

is a kind of to distinguish the direction of the wind vane use on a direction mark, can according to the actual situation to accurately judge the direction of the wind of change, but how a bellwether work? Vane manufacturer of small make up just to tell you.

when the wind is blowing with vane form a certain Angle, the sealing of vane will produce pressure, this will be in parallel and vertical vane spread into two wind, and an indicator of the header size is small, the wind in the area is small, and the only affected by wind area is larger, the wind pressure is an obvious difference between the two, and perpendicular to the tail wind pressure will be more pressure to rotate, rotate until vane header part is for the wind to the direction of the force will be the overall balance, on both sides of the wing the vane is stable to a constant bearing, this point is the direction of the wind is blowing.

and an indicator arrow will point to the direction of the wind source, also in principle is very simple, actually is affected by the area of the wind is smaller than the arrow tail of the arrow, the arrow and arrow tail or will be affected by the closure of the tail of the arrow by wind area is large, will naturally be pushed to the back, and the arrow by wind area is small, naturally to point to the location of the wind, in order to measure more accurate, typically require after wind stability, bellwether pointing in the direction of a long time, so is the direction of the wind. Use is also very accurate.

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