JXYQ - O2 pump suction oxygen detector

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-18

JXYQ - O2 high-precision pump suction oxygen detector

a JXYQ -, product description Oxygen O2 high-precision detector, is a continuous detecting oxygen concentration of intrinsically safe equipment, instrument adopts imported world sensor manufacturers of sensors, and micro controller technology, fast response speed, high accuracy, stability and repeatability, performance in the domestic level, the parameters of the user customizable Settings, simple operation. Internal using high-capacity nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery, super long standby; Patch wrap, reliable and beautiful; Digital LCD backlit LCD screen display, clear and intuitive; Have secondary sound and light alarm function, the default alarm concentration can timely, accurate and intuitive alarm prompt; Instrument appearance of the use of special high strength ABS engineering plastics, fashionable design, beautiful, feel is good, and durable. To sum up, JXYQ oxygen detector has fast response speed, good stability, high sensitivity, small volume, light weight and easy to carry, built-in gas sampling pump at the same time, the more accurate measurement results quickly. Widely used in petroleum chemical industry, industrial production, environmental monitoring, wastewater treatment, flue gas exhaust biological pharmaceutical, household areas such as environmental protection, the school laboratory.

2, technical parameters:

test gas:

oxygen O2 ( Electrochemical sensor, the service life of 3 years, the service life of the industrial oxygen sensors 5 years)

out of range:


in distinguishing rate:

0. 01% VOL


& le; 1% ( The actual concentration, the higher accuracy depending on the specific sensor)

weight after sex:

& le; 1%

response time:

& le; 10 seconds ( T90) Linear error:

& le; 1%

recovery time:

& le; 10 seconds

detection principle:

electrochemical principle

zero drift:

& le; 1% ( F。 S/year)

display mode:

LCD backlit display


acousto-optic alarm, 2 & le; 80 db (a)

detection methods:

pump suction, automatic extraction real-time detection, more accurate measurement results fast

data recovery:

a key to restore the factory default Settings, convenient and quick, don't worry about wrong operation

automatic diagnosis:

system check: battery, display, sensors, hardware failure

protection grade:


work temperature:

- 30 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃

explosion-proof level:

Exia CT6 II ( The Ann model)

work humidity:

& le; 95% RH no condensation


134; 61; 32mm( L; W; H)

work stress:

& le; 100 kpa


300 g

work power source:

2800 ma rechargeable lithium battery

related accessories:

special packing box, manual, charger, holster ( Optional)

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