KEC - 999 a negative ion detector operating instructions

by:HoldPeak     2020-04-28

press the power button on the machine panel 1 seconds or so, then loosen the hand, the machine can be switched on. After startup, display show the company LOGO and version information first, then show some numerical internal parameters, according to normal after screen, as shown in figure 3 - 1. Before entering into the normal state, the user must don't press any button.

3 - 1

1。 1 main interface

in the top right corner of the Numbers 1 to 1 current gear, this machine have three gear, machine according to the measured values automatically switch gear ( Changes between 1 ~ 3) 。 Users don't need to go according to the current gear conversion measured values, which shows the numerical is the measured value. The machine after the switch gear, measured values will have 15 seconds to change stable process.

middle digital screen is measured value ( The unit is a/cm3) 。

the bottom left corner has four ICONS, followed by:

1, battery display;

2. : that is an anion machine;

3, if it is, suggests that the current machine running in batch mode. If it is, is that the current running machine in continuous mode;

4, if it is, suggests that the current fan is not turned; If so, it shows that the fan is rotating.

the bottom right hand corner of the screen is 00:00:00 machine work time, can understand the measuring time machine.

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