KEC - A common problem of 999 a negative ion detector

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-08
Negative ion detector KEC - 999 a common problem as follows after pressing the power button, the screen no display.

the battery voltage is low, the system cannot be started, plug in charger.

gear when switching the measured value is not stable.

please correct by gear for zero operation.

attention to zero.

only after pressing the zero key and function keys into a shift key. In the normal testing interface, function keys is not defined in this version of the machine ( The invalid) 。 If you do need to shift to zero, please press the zero button, appear interface gear 01 to zero. 。 。 , according to the function keys as soon as the shift, in order to make sure there are enough time to zero. Make zero operation, should as far as possible when there is no wind, no electromagnetic interference environment, zero is about 30 seconds at a time.

switch gear when the data is not stable.

when the system automatically shift, stable data need to be 15 ~ 20 seconds.

measurement is zero, the value of long time and still flashing.

system needs to be zero.

after a zero operation, sensory system measurement error is still obvious.

in the complex electromagnetic environment of the larger environment, may need to zero in operation for many times.

return to factory maintenance:

shipping address: minhang district of Shanghai city road 399, lane 457

the recipient: maintenance department wu

( Please put a copybook, note to return the goods of receiving information and equipment failure phenomenon, thank you for your cooperation! )

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