L-type pitot tube is a kind of classic wide measuring method

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-08
L-type pitot tube is mainly used in thin wall, the clean gas pipeline flow velocity measurement. It is 6, 8, 10 mm in diameter, etc. , its pitot coefficient K = 1. 0. Commonly used to 0 length. 3 m, 0. 5 meters, 0. 8 meters, 1. 0 m l-type pitot coefficient in 0. 99-1. In 0 01, S coefficient. 81-0. 86 between measuring less than 40 m/s air velocity, measuring water flow velocity is less than 25 m/s l-type pitot use: in scientific research, production, teaching, environmental protection and clean rooms, mine ventilation, energy management, commonly used pitot tube measurement of air velocity in the piping wind speed, furnaces flue, after conversion to determine the flow rate, measurement of flow velocity in the pipe. With pitot speed and determine traffic, according to have reliable theory, easy to use, accurate, is a classic wide measuring method. In addition, it also can be used to measure the pressure of the fluid. L-type pitot tube structure: l-type pitot tube with two different diameter tubes were concentric socket, tube straight tail end joint is total pressure tube, outer tube side joint is static pressure tube. L-type pitot tube is made of two different diameter stainless steel pipe concentric socket and tail tube pass straight side streets when the total pressure tube, outer tube side joint static pressure tube. Pointing to the bar and rod head in the same direction, when using, can determine the direction, makes the measuring head alignment to the flow direction.
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