Lightning protection automatic digital weather stations

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-18

three measures of automatic weather station lightning protection

in the development of meteorological service in China, a large number of small-sized automatic weather station are applied to different fields, make automatic meteorological station entered an era of widespread use. However automatic meteorological station in lightning protection have higher safety requirements, in order to ensure that the meteorological survey can be carried out as normal and in all cases, the following will bring all three lightning protection measures:

1, establish a system to build the perfect lightning protection facilities, set for the lightning protection facilities construction process must be responsible to the people, and performed by lightning protection expert special instruction.

building built without one of the most stable automatic weather station is equipped with a set of corresponding special specification and lightning protection system, in the beginning of the preparation shall be clear, head of the project construction, and in the whole construction process by the expert guidance of lightning protection should be paid to construction work according to the lightning protection design drawings specifications, to ensure the construction link to professional construction of zero disclosure standards.

2, after the lightning protection facilities need to be periodic detection and segmentation acceptance, to promote and accelerate the overall lightning protection facilities application process smoothly.

automatic digital weather stations in lightning protection facilities built after facing multiple periodic inspection and acceptance of the operating process, at each stage began after the completion of the completion acceptance of this phase, repeating the synchronous detection and segmentation acceptance mode of operation, which on the one hand is advantageous to the rectification and avoid the problems in time, so as not to affect the next phase of construction, on the other hand also to speed up the application process of automatic build QiZhan lightning protection facilities.

3, assigned personnel regularly check lightning protection facilities, to ensure the equipments are in good condition.

on lightning protection facilities, the internal environment of automatic meteorological station to be reckoned with, even from a certain extent, can affect the effect of lightning protection. Such as knock against human or animal bite will lead to the normal operation of lightning protection facilities, and should be regularly check the automatic meteorological station equipment or repairs, ensure facilities.

this is related to the entire content of the automatic weather station lightning protection, it is also a public praise good automatic weather stations on the lightning protection facilities is different from the place of artificial meteorological observatory. Solid and staff in the building of the automatic meteorological station will focus on the good lightning protection equipment and lightning protection facilities construction level, in use process to establish a system for building a complete lightning protection facilities, regular maintenance and periodic inspection acceptance process.

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