Mechanical anemometer and vane element principle revelation

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-20

mechanical anemometer and vane element

element vane anemometer and vane and anemometer have heating system in case of their electronic components seas.

element vane anemometer and vane and anemometer have heating system in case of their electronic components seas. Heating system consists of two series of 200 w / 220 v external heating element. A component connected to the vane base another device connected to the base of the anemometer are located in the engine room inside the box at the back of the A6 CARDS PTS5 control. Heating system and one inside the mast and direct contact with the external PT. If the temperature of the PT send card PTS5 below 2 & deg; C element receives the largest power. If the temperature in 2 & deg; Due to 0 C & deg; C between heating element received power is constant adjustment. PTS5 according to cut off the power of the heating element temperature up to 2 seconds. If the external temperature is higher than 10 & deg; CPTS5 cut off the power of the heating element for a long time.

vane anemometer and daily maintenance ( In view of the Gamesa)

1。 Vertical vane anemometer stents check

2. Check the accuracy of wind vane, check the correct position of the wind vane semicircle, rotating vane and check the PLC module on the LED display or check directly from the touch screen.

3。 Check whether the anemometer wind vane is freely and plastic cover is damaged

4. Compared with other fan near the wind direction and wind speed.

principle of mechanical anemometer

wind speed by anemometer measurement.

wind speed by anemometer measurement. Anemometer is provided by a need to 24 v power supply ( Green +, yellow - ) Located in the fixed part ( Base) Optical coupler, and other electronic circuit and the other is not fixed part ( At the top) , no fixed part rotation with the effect of the wind. At the top of the internal base area of tooth metal ring, ring teeth every time after optical coupler ( B301) , give a 24 v pulse or signal, White) , each transfer total six pulse is given.

the time between the pulse and pulse frequency, PLC will be multiplied by zero frequency. 3 units of m/s wind speed.

anemometer are two kinds of reading, is a kind of instant readings, instantaneous reading display on the LCD screen, the other is in accordance with the parameters defined by the control program after filtering, the readings.

if the wind speed after filtering value more than the other parameters is also defined by a control program, enter the suspended state machine.

in order to remove the electrical noise, with 24 v power supply in parallel in the connector installed the parasitic resistance circuit. A signal (0 v Brown) Taken directly from the connector, and were sent to the top with the positive signals the return value of the controller.

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