Meteorological institute 2019 agricultural meteorological monitoring and evaluation report

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-26

provincial meteorological institute 2019 agricultural meteorological monitoring and evaluation report

recently, the provincial meteorological institute issued the '2019 bulletin of agricultural meteorological monitoring and evaluation ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'bulletin') , detailed analysis of the full year 2019 agricultural climate resources and soil moisture content, the main crops and looks like the Chinese wolfberry, agricultural meteorological disaster development status and the degree of the pros and cons of meteorological conditions for agricultural production, on the basis of the comprehensive evaluation of agricultural climate type is presented.

the gazette, according to a 2019 spring crops seeding time concentrated in late march to late may, the mature period in late August to early September, Chinese wolfberry grows in late April to early November; Agricultural soil thaw in late in late February to march, pastoral region in late march until mid-april, all parts of the province in spring not present soil drought, soil moisture, good agricultural middle frozen soil in late October and November, pastoral region middle frozen soil in the middle of October and November, only music appeared mild soil drought, freezing the province before most of past years slightly better than the same period of soil moisture, and slightly worse than last year; Heavy rain floods, hail, snow, wind 4 kinds of disasters and disasters losses lighter than last year. Comprehensive analysis of the results, 2019 hydrothermal matching is good, the soil moisture is appropriate, for the growth of our province grain and oil crops is relatively good, but the whole stage of low temperature, sleet and rain around crops affected by a certain, according to meteorological conditions for crop growth, agricultural meteorological year comprehensive evaluation for the leap year.

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