micro-/nano-voids guided two-stage film cracking on bioinspired assemblies for high-performance electronics

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-15
Current metal film-
Based on electronic equipment, although sensitive to external stretching, it is usually invalidated by uncontrolled cracking under relatively small strain (~30%)
Limit their practical application.
To solve this problem, we report here a design approach inspired by the cochlear stereo beam, which uses layered components of the interface nano wires to prevent penetration cracking.
This structured surface is superior to a flat surface in terms of tensile properties (
130% to 30% withstand strain)
Maintain high sensitivity (
Minimum detection 0. 005% strain)
Response to external stimuli such as sound and mechanical forces.
The expansion of tensile properties is due to two
Phase cracking process caused by micro-Synergyvoids and nano-voids. In-
In situ observation confirmed that under low strain, micro-
The gap between the nano-coils guides the process of crack expansion, while under the large strain, the new crack is from the Nano-
The gap on a single nano line.
Micro heterogeneity
Nano-scale in solids such as void and strain
Induced cracks can significantly affect the electronic, optical and mechanical properties of the body, which provides the basis for a new class of flexible devices, from wearable electronics to mechanical chrome plating to micro-scale patterns.
Specifically, the metal film
Based on wearable electronics, while promising, it often involves the use of the properties of metal scalability, making it a fast, highly sensitive platform for motion monitoring.
Mechanical strain
Induced penetration crack refers to the formation of cracks perpendicular to strain expansion and throughout the conductive metal film, however, resulting in low strain tolerance (
Penetrating crack formation and disabling maximum detectable strain of the sensor)
Therefore, these electronic products themselves limit their application in monitoring various activities.
For example, many studies have shown that strenuous exercise (e. g.
, Single-axis strain of> 30%)
Pt film can be disabled-
Wearable electronics.
Although past studies have studied the process of crack initiation and penetration, the metal film is given by controlling the crack delay
There is no description of the super-scalability and high sensitivity based on wearable electronics.
In order to solve the above problems, we take the structural materials and systems with layered design as an example to find the solution in essence.
One example is the inner ear cochlear system using acoustics
The responsive layered component of the drum surface stereo vision to effectively convert the sound signal into electrical activity and reach a compromise between the detection range and sensitivity (
Supplementary Map
And Supplementary Notes).
Other layered designs have also inspired the latest advances in soft electronics and materials with programmable shape transforms and tensile properties at various scales.
Inspired by the layered design approach in natural and engineering systems, here we report a design that uses layered assembly of interface nano wires to slow down penetration cracking and significantly increase metal filmbased sensors.
Finite element simulation, representation of structured and flat surface morphology under different strain of nano-coating
Measurements of thick metal film and conductivity indicate that this improvement is attributed to twostage crack-
Create synergies.
At low strain, cracks are generated along a kilogramme
The size gap between the nano-clusters, at high strain, the subsequent crack initiation originates from the Nano-
The size gap of a single nano line in the cluster.
This process is similar to the central action of the stereo beam in the cochlear system. This two-
High tensile properties are allowed during stage cracking (130% strain)
High sensitivity (
The specification factor is 107.
45, the lowest detection 0. 005% strain)
Combined into a sensor.
In addition, we illustrate the utility of this bio-inspired approach by manufacturing wearable electronic devices such as sound detectors and soft robot-driven displays, which achieves high levels compared to conventional metal films
Based on electronics.
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