Micro pressure gauge how to operate?

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-03

pressure gauge is mainly measuring tiny pressure and negative pressure or differential pressure gauge.

this kind of instrument are high sensitivity, degree, generally can be accurate to 0. 1 mmh2o, some still can reach 0. 01mmH2O。

common micro pressure gauge with double u-tube manometer, inclined manometer ( Tilt decline pressure gauge) Pressure gauge, compensation weakness.

micromanometer steps:

1, the micro pressure gauge is ON the left side of the switch to the 'ON', electricity, instrument display screen display.

2, after electrify micro pressure gauge should be preheated 5 ~ 15 min before measurement, otherwise the reading is not allowed. When preheating 5 ~ 15 min, screen display digital disorderly jump, show low battery, replace the battery. Such as preheating 5 ~ 15 min after the display number is stable, can be transferred to measure.

3, press the micro pressure gauge on the right side of the switch at this time, the display shows zero.

4, with one end of the latex tube are connected to two micro pressure meter at the top of the left side of the negative pressure of by mouth and positive pressure on the right side of the mouth. Will is on the other side of the mouth latex tube pressure on parts to be tested; To connect suction mouth on the other side of the latex tube under normal pressure.

5, and observe the micromanometer screen display value, stable after read and record the value.

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