Need to install the weather stations on the campus?

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-19

what are the typical features of campus weather station?

although campus weather stations belong to a small, meteorological monitoring equipment, but also can provide the campus with the real-time temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and so on data monitoring, in addition, in order to let the students for meteorological activities, high quality campus weather stations can also be equipped with dry wet bulb, maximum and minimum thermometer, glass fiber reinforced plastic screen, electricity board to artificial meteorological observation instrument such as anemometer, sunshine recorder. So what are the typical features of campus weather station?

1, strong weatherability

because campus weather stations was used in outdoor environment, and is to test the meteorological conditions of the instrument, so in the use process is bound to come into contact with all sorts of natural weather directly, such as thunderstorms, blizzards, sun, and so on. These weather conditions will lead to use the environment is bad, so in order to be able to make the campus weather station can run in various harsh environment stable, adopt the stainless steel and light metal stent field protection box, make sure you are able to adapt to all kinds of bad weather.

2, lightning protection

campus weather stations will normally installed in a relatively open highland, and this characteristic determines the easily lead to lightning, therefore, as an example to avoid lightning strike, the stable quality of the campus weather stations in the design of electronic circuit adopts the advanced lightning protection measures, and use the electromagnetic compatibility design, let the weather station can be safe in the thunder and lightning.

3, power supply diversified

due to the particularity of campus weather station has certain, so in order to ensure that in any case can keep a stable job, campus weather station provides the mains, direct current (dc), and solar energy power supply a variety of ways, so can guarantee in what circumstances can be continuously the steady-state operation of power.

the above is the weather station has the characteristics of the campus. Due to weather stations on campus is a kind of special testing equipment, in order to be able to meet the demand of normal running of the equipment in the design, fully consider the climate factors, thunder and lightning and power supply, through the use of appropriate materials and protective measures to ensure that it can always provide high quality climate monitoring.

what are the component of campus weather station?

meteorological environment is a natural manifestation of our living space, and in order to let students have a deeper understanding on meteorological environment, many schools are the construction of the campus weather stations, meteorological detection through all kinds of facilities, let it can fully meet the needs of meteorological science education services. So high quality campus weather station is made up of what?

1, meteorological data collector

to weather, necessary equipment around the various data, including temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind, etc. And should carry on the effective acquisition, campus weather stations will need to use high quality meteorological data collector, and in the process of use to ensure that no other sundries in the meteorological data collector, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the data.

2, data processor

if you want to know the current temperature accurately, wind, etc. , the stability of the campus weather stations will to the collected data, meteorological data collector offers the data processing is analyzed, and the data processor is used the advanced modeling method, can carry on the accurate analysis of the import, to the various data and output, in order to make sure you are able to satisfy the requirement of campus implementation meteorological science education.

3, rainfall sensor

in order to be able to make the campus weather station accurately know the size of the rainfall condition, in which USES the rainfall sensor. In the rain when it rains, will through the rain contact intensity of sensor, the speed and frequency, etc for statistical analysis of rainfall. In use process, in order to keep the rain sensor is very sensitive sensing function, be sure to regularly check, avoid a dust, weeds and other debris blocking in the pipe of rainfall sensor.

the above is the main component of campus weather stations. In addition to these direct components provide meteorological environment for data analysis, in order to make the campus weather stations can be long-term stable operation, and rational layout of the circuit system device, can provide the electric energy for campus weather stations, so that the weather stations can better provide service for meteorological science.

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