Negative ion detector maintenance method

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-12

there are some customers reflect, how quickly I buy products is out of order, if quality problems! Here is about how to maintain the instrument for everyone

the same instrument, some users with can't bad for a couple of years, some users buy it broke a few days to go, is the product quality problems? All is I don't think so, a lot of client is not according to the instructions, improper operation of instruments and sensor damage, cell did not lead to leakage and short circuit can't boot, operating environment is too bad, and so on, these factors greatly reduces the service life of the instrument.

ion detector is not exceptional also, there are several major maintenance method:

1: general instrument when not in use, should be power off and remove the battery, in case of battery leakage, decomposing line

2: follow the instructions to use, not suitable for use in too bad environment, pay attention to the instrument and internal

3: after the use, as for a clean dry place preservation

above is the summary of the zhang personal experience, reference for users, peers do not copy the data, thank you!

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