Negative oxygen ion detector

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-11

professional sales COM3200proII air ion detector is a professional, high precision of the air ions counter. Sensor adopts Japan JIS certification of determination method of ion density in air coaxial twin tube structure with two, that ends it, compared with other simple plate type structure, improved accuracy, and comes with a special analysis software, can easily connect the computer to download records, analysis and printing. Adapted to the various functional ion products, forest scenic spot, the administration, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and other places, meet the needs of a variety of environment detection.

negative oxygen ion detector features:

1. Fast, high precision sensors, test result, especially under the condition of low ion concentration is still testing can be realized, can detect the positive/negative ion ( Manual switch)

2。 Completely accord with standard of Japan JISB9929 gas ion density measurement method of strict requirements

3. Compact structure, light weight, integrated temperature, humidity sensor and lithium battery, can adapt to various conditions of outdoor test need

4. Detection range ( 0 ~ 2000000 / cm3) , can be transverse or vertical detection, does not affect the test results

5. Built-in RSS232 data port, with powerful dedicated software, easy to connect the computer to download records, analysis and printed

6. Super power saving design, closed suction fan save power when standby

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