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Trends in measuring instruments

Trends in measuring instruments

Trends in measuring instruments

(Summary description)Based on this, it can be predicted that in the future, the market's demand for measurement systems and equipment for quality management will continue to grow.


Based on this, it can be predicted that in the future, the market's demand for measurement systems and equipment for quality management will continue to grow.

In the manufacture of high-quality products and the construction of a high-efficiency production environment, measurement technology has played a very important role, and its importance is increasing day by day. Especially in the period of rapid development of production internationalization and economic integration, high parts produced in different regions must have good interchangeability. Therefore, it is urgent to establish a measurement system with measurement and reliability based on international standards.

In order to meet the above requirements, precision measuring instruments must have higher quality and reliability. Various instrument manufacturers are also actively developing new products with stronger functions and better service performance, and we can see the trend of measuring instruments from this.

Machining and measuring are like two wheels on a car

At present, the production site attaches great importance to improving processing efficiency and reducing production costs. Among them, the most important thing is to produce high-quality products. For this reason, strict quality management must be implemented. Only under the premise of ensuring high-quality production can the manufacturing industry survive and develop. As an important means to ensure the smooth development of the manufacturing industry, it is necessary to have a processing machine tool composed of high parts and an autonomous processing system constructed from a processing production line integrated with a combination of high measuring instruments. Based on this, it can be predicted that in the future, the market's demand for measurement systems and equipment for quality management will continue to grow.

The requirements for measuring instruments and devices at the manufacturing production site are roughly as follows: ① can adapt to a wide range of environmental temperatures; ② excellent anti-pollution and anti-vibration performance; ③ high measurement repeatability; ④ easy to use. At present, various manufacturers are actively developing new products based on the premise that they can be used in the processing environment. These new products can carry out high-speed, high-speed measurement, and are stable and easy to operate.

In terms of measurement technology, Akto Kamei, executive director of the Japan Precision Measuring Instrument Industry Association, pointed out: “Any kind of processing equipment, no matter how advanced it is, will have offsets caused by thermal deformation and errors caused by tool wear. To master these offsets and errors, you must rely on measurement technology." Kamui believes that during the on-site processing, the goal of measurement operations should be: "① Determine whether the product quality is qualified: that is, configure the measurement link during the processing to ensure It can perform final processing; ②Detect errors caused by tool wear, thermal deformation, etc.: take corresponding measures according to the output compensation signal; ③Select production cycle and product coordination: not only ensure the selected adaptation technology, but also ensure Gain relative, thereby improving overall production efficiency. In these processes, measurement technology plays a pivotal role."

Raise awareness of measurement technology

In the measurement of automobile parts and other various mechanical parts, a large number of coordinate measuring machines are currently used, and in the measurement of electrical and electronic parts, a large number of microscopes or image measuring instruments are used. With the improvement of processing, the requirements of measurement are also increasing. At present, ultra-high coordinate measuring machines, microscopes, and image measuring machines that measure within 1 μm have begun to spread. Among them, a coordinate measuring machine with an initial term (first term) error of 0.35μm has been put on the market. In addition, the entire parts are measured by cameras (cameras) or lasers, and measuring machines that can measure dimensions and evaluate overall topography have also been widely used.


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