NKMH - 103 instructions on the use of the positive and negative ions detector host

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-08

( Metal chassis)

origin: Japan to China, quality guarantee high range air anoin detector, the fuselage 2 pieces of screen can display number of positive and negative ions at the same time, intuitive response current anion readings. Zui high quantity can reach 20 million/cubic centimeter. Small size, automatic zero, easy operation, full metal fuselage design. Can be an external power supply test for a long time.

measuring range: 100 - 20 million/cubic centimeter

display way: double LCD positive and negative ions also show

detection method: 3 gears adjustable range ( 100 - 200000; 1000 - 2 million; 10000 - 20 million). Electrical source:

9 v battery or external AC power source ( 100 - 240 v adaptive)

gauge: 95 * 180 * 40 mm

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