Non-contact infrared thermometer temperature difference with the traditional temperature thermometer

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-11
Non-contact infrared thermometer temperature difference with the traditional temperature thermometer release date: 2020 - 03 - 31 22:03

everyone more or less all heard of non-contact infrared thermometer temperature, in recent years, we are from 2 g era is approaching the age of 5 g, in production, the progress of science and technology, be serious to each product control and detection.

intelligent era has non-contact infrared temperature person cervix get rapid development in technology, to continuously improve performance, functions, varieties, scope of application is also growing. Than the contact temperature measurement method, infrared measuring temperature with fast response time, non-contact, use safety and long service life, etc. Non-contact infrared thermometer including portable, on-line and scanning three series, and equipped with a variety of options and computer software, and in each series of various types and specifications. In different specifications of the various models in the thermometer, for users to choose the right infrared thermometer model is very important.

the most common is the forehead temperature portable gun and ear temperature guns, it can accurately measure the body's temperature rapidly, a high-definition LCD screen, high safety, show the temperature value is big, old people also can see clearly, also need not worry about people cross infection, can very good protection of vulnerable groups.

the traditional thermometer, there is a glass, mercury, using the principle of heat bilges cold shrink, measurement, measurement before also need to reduce the temperature on the thermometer to 35 ℃, for temperature measurement, still need to wait for three minutes. Although the use of time cognition by people are familiar with but it is fragile, and the mercury inside or toxic, if you have children or the elderly temperature, prone to measurement error, but also easy to cross infection.

after the above comparison, non-contact infrared thermometer temperature, more convenient, safer, with the peace of mind.

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