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Blood coagulation analyzer is a test device used by clinical laboratories to test blood coagulation efficacy and evaluate bleeding diseases (such as hemophilia, Von Willebrand disease (
Type 1, type 2 and Type 3)
Factor V Leyton, Polycell, leukemia, thrombosis, and platelet reduction.
The device is also used to diagnose patients with stop bleeding disorders (
Innate and acquired)
Or determine the condition of the thrombosis to treat and reduce complications.
In addition, the device is used to monitor patients who take anticoagulant drugs such as heparin, aspirin and warfarin due to side effects.
For example, heparin must be continuously monitored to prevent sudden closure of any coronary artery or bypass graft.
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Coagulation Analyzers such as doctor\'s office, group practice, emergency room, surgery and recovery suite, icu/CCUs, cancer clinic, outpatient care center, surgery center, nursing home and fertility center are used in many places.
Vendors are increasingly choosing portable POC coagulation solutions to help users test and deliver results in patient homes.
This leads to a reduction in costs as users do not have to wait for the arrival of external laboratory results, which is critical for any treatment.
Analysts at Technavio predict a compound annual growth rate of 8 in the global coagulation analyzer market.
58% during 2016-2020.
This report covers the current situation and growth prospects of the global coagulation analyzer market in 20162020.
To calculate the size of the market, Technavio considers the revenue generated by the total consumption of the global coagulation analyzer.
The report does not include revenue generated from after-sales service of the product.
According to the geographical location, the market is divided into the following parts: global coagulation analyzer Market 2016-
2020. Synthesis has been prepared
Use the opinions of industry experts for in-depth market analysis.
The report covers market prospects and growth prospects for the next few years.
The report also includes a discussion of the major suppliers operating in this market.
Major supplier * Abbott diagnosis * Danaher * Roche diagnosis * Siemens Healthcare * other well-known supplier of Sysmex * Accriva diagnosis * Alere * A & T Company Point of Care * instrument laboratory * LABiTec-
Labor Biomedical Technology * Nihon Kohden * Randox laboratory * Sekisui Medical * Sienco * Sinduri Biotec * Tcoag * Thermo Fisher fast market research business information on the scientific market.
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