Pitot tube structure and using method of anemometer

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-11
Pitot anemometer structure: standard pitot anemometer with two different diameter tubes were concentric socket, tube straight tail end joint is total pressure tube, outer tube side joint is static pressure tube, the S type pitot tube with two teams with diameter pipe welded together, in the face of the airflow is total pressure side, back to the airflow is static, and tag number marked in tapping coefficient and static pressure joint, when using can not be wrong. Side pointing to the bar and the probe in the same direction, when using, can determine the direction, ensure the measuring head alignment to the flow direction. Pitot anemometer method of use: 1. To correctly choose measurement point section, to ensure the measuring point straight pipe in air flow smoothly. Therefore, measuring the cross section from the flow direction of the bend, variable diameter abnormity tube such as local components more than four times the pipe diameter. From the downstream direction of local bend, the structure of the variable diameter should be greater than 2 times the pipe diameter. 2. When measuring the total pressure hole shall be on the airflow direction, to point to the pole. Measurement point insertion hole should avoid air leakage, and can prevent the airflow interference on the cross section. With pitot tube can only be measured on the pipeline section velocity of one point, because of the uneven distribution of cross section flow, so this section should be more measuring points, in order to calculate the average. 3. Before using the smooth general characteristic test. Small static pressure hole check, don't make the impurities clogging pores after use clean the tube inside and outside, to ensure the good condition for a long time. 4. Standard pitot anemometer verification period of five years.
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