Portable weather station in the application of the three major industries

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-31

the application areas of small stations have?

with the use of small domestic professional weather station scale expands unceasingly, its benefits are also gradually emerge in all areas. It not only can real-time monitoring temperature, wind speed, air pressure and other meteorological parameters, the configuration way also can carry on the flexible configuration according to the actual situation of the project. Let us to learn more about the application areas of small stations have?

first, agriculture

small station plays an important role in agricultural areas, it can use the monitoring means to promote agricultural growth development of science, in real time according to the external environment to improve adverse external factors. By controlling the best environment for crop growth environment, use a natural way to increase production, improve crop harvests. Small field station is mainly composed of the wind, temperature, solar radiation, soil temperature and so on elements, through good control of these environmental factors, can very good to promote the growth of crops.

second, photovoltaic field

small stations above the research of the photovoltaic power station power generation having the effect that cannot ignore, environmental temperature, the temperature of components, the data such as the solar total radiation monitoring is one of the important indicators, photovoltaic power generation by analyzing these data is good for the environment's influence on the photovoltaic power station power generation. Photovoltaic (pv) power generation mainly depends on natural factors such as environment, the weather is good to achieve the purpose of power generation, therefore, weather stations become one of the indispensable equipment.

third, electric field

in order to make people's electricity guaranteed, small stations also is used in the electric power industry. It by monitoring wind speed, wind, ice, factors such as rainfall, master these natural environment security harm to electric network, timely grasp the situation, and early warning to give people early warning signal. Once discovered natural environment may cause harm to the electricity, electricity in time, to ensure the safety of the power of the people.

that's small stations in all areas of application, it can take in all areas of the external function into the internal kinetic energy, play a biggest role. In addition, it also plays the important function of science in school, the school built small stations, using physical interpretation for the child and popularize scientific knowledge.

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