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by:HoldPeak     2020-04-11
Your computer system is powered on;The power is regulated by the power supply bundled with it (converted from AC to DC ).All power supplies convert AC power to low voltage DC current;The goal here is to ensure that the voltage PC power supply controls and maintains the work inside the computer.This is the most important aspect of computer hardware because you won\'t be able to turn it on without it.
It may damage your other parts when this device is damaged.That\'s why you have to pay great attention to your supply.You must also understand the work of your PC to understand the importance of the power supply.
There are basically two kinds of PC power supply.Slot A boards and Pentium boards require different devices to run.The pins on the motherboard are quite different, so you have to know exactly what the motherboard is.
Some power supplies have an extra processor pin.The motherboard and power supply must coincide.Some of these components have pins for a processor.
The processor will not have any power supply if it is not connected.When this happens, the computer may or may not open.If it does turn on, you won\'t be able to get through anything except the bios screen.
Maintaining the power supply is a large part of the computer\'s functions.If the power supply fails, your computer may run slowly, slowly or turn off when you least expect it.When all the wires are connected inside, the box can be seen from outside the computer.
Cleaning of fans and components is essential to keep the fan and components running.If you see dirt, hair or dust piled up on the fan or power box, it needs to be cleaned immediately.It can be tricky to install power.There are different aspects of the wires that need to be connected to computer components.
If this is the first time you have connected the power supply, you may need to refer to the motherboard manual.Different devices can be set up in different ways.Most power supplies are interchanged.However, for the sake of safety, you may want to check your manual again.
The power supply has several wires sticking out of the box.The longest and thickest connection is the motherboard connector.This piece controls the power of your motherboard.
There may or may not be pin connections near the processor.The processor is a square assembly or box fan in the middle of the motherboard.If so, you need a power supply with this connection.
It\'s called J-pin.
Connect next.
There are about 4 or 5 rectangular connectors.These need to be connected to the hard drive or disc drive.As long as you have the correct information about the hardware, setting up the power supply for any type of PC is fairly simple.
A connection failure or a mismatch in the power supply may cause a fire or shortage on the motherboard or other mechanism
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