Product characteristics of digital micro pressure gauge

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-04
Digital micro pressure gauge is a kind of high accuracy, stable performance and easy operation of multi-functional micro pressure gauge. The instrument can according to the pressure source of volatility changes reflect the stress values. Is widely used in gas, liquid of positive pressure, negative pressure and differential pressure measurement, is the environmental monitoring station, laboratory, medicine and health care, construction, purify air conditioning heating chamber pressure test and calibration of the ideal instrument, with epithelial hosting measuring gas flow rate. 1. Liquid crystal display (LCD), pressure, differential pressure, wind speed digital direct reading. 2. Micro pressure sensor, high resolution, high accuracy, high stability. 3. Portable, circuit adopts American microcomputer single chip computer technology, with functions of numerical stability. 4. Is not affected by instrument position change and drift, instrument digital zero device. 5. Can be used under suitable for all kinds of working state. 6. Instrument is equipped with power indicator and temperature display function. 7. With epithelial hosting can direct reading wind speed and wind pressure. Relevant product information: pitot tube, pitot anemometer, intelligent wind speed air flow meter, negative ion detector, digital micro pressure gauge.
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