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Digital Engine Analyzer HP-25

Holdpeak HP-25 Automotive Cable Wire Tracker Tester,for Airbag, Automobile lines and Machine lines Installation and Maintenance
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  • This instrument is designed to identify and trace wires or cables without damaging the insulation. You can also use it in checking for short circuit and locating open circuit and so on. There are a Transmitter and a Receiver included in the instrument.
  • This instrument can check the breaking point of the cable and find the short circuit cable without damaging the insulation layer.Identify and track leads.This instrument consists of a transmitter and receiver,and can only be used to detect dc voltage not greater than 42V.
  • Identify,track,and locate short and break points
  • 3.5mm headphone jack increases the effect of hearing in noisy environment.
  • 24.8cm long probe hose for easy operation


1.    Set the switch of Sender to "TONE", the red LED of Sender lights. if the red LED doesn’t light, please check the battery.
2.    Switch the Receiver on, set the rotary switch in middle position. Press and hold TEST button, meanwhile move the sensor close to the test lead of Sender. The Receiver receives the signal and give audio signal. if so, it means that the unit works correctly.

3.    Connect the black test lead to the circuit’s positive supply (or to the negative for vehicles with positive supply  connected to chassis). Connect the red test lead to the wire to be checked . A fuse socket(in place of the blown fuse),,connector, etc. is convenient place.
4.    Switch Receiver on and set its rotary switch in middle position. Press and hold "TEST" button and slowly sweep the wire with the probe, ensuring the probe is perpendicular and above or below the wire being checked and as close as possible to it.
5.    Follow the wire or check it at different points, starting from the Sender and moving towards the load(accessory, light, etc)observing the positioning of the probe as indicated above.

6.    Continue this procedure while the audio signal indicates the integrity of the circuit, if audio signal stops, it indicates that the probe has passed beyond the open, break or bad connection in the circuit. See Figure3.
7.    if it is difficult or impossible to get the Receiver to pick-up any  signal, please increase the sensitivity and try again.
8.    Double check by positioning the probe before and after the suspected place. if the open circuit point has been found, the audio indicator will show circuit integrity on the side, and not on other .At this point, where the audio signal stops, you have found the open circuit.
9.    When you finish locating, disconnect the test leads' connections, set the Sender’s switch in OFF position. Loose TEST button.

Digital Engine Analyzer
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