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HoldPeak mainly designs and produces products that are used for measurement including the multimeter, clamp meter, digital engine analyzer, environmental meter, non-contact voltage tester, digital tachometer, insulation resistance tester, ground resistance meter, multimeter clamp meter, current clamp meter, etc. We also supply other electronic equipment including the sonic toothbrush and AD and DC power supply.

The advantages of all of our devices are high configuration and stable performance. And their simple mechanical structure makes them easy to use and maintain. And their running is more accurate with higher speed. All of our products are structurally sound and mature, so we have received wide praise from our customers. We apply cutting-edge technology to our products for ensuring their fast response so that they are extremely sensitive and have higher precision to achieve faster monitoring. Its portable size makes it easy to carry around. As portable devices, they offer great portability and flexibility.

All of our devices are easy to operate for quickly providing users with the measurement information they need. They provide digital readings as well as LCD displays, which increases the accuracy of read-out values and reduces reading errors. They are cost effective and have a wide range of application. 

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