Purpose and innovation characteristics of solid anion tester

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-10
Solid anion tester USES: 1, research and development institutions of ore type of the research and demonstration of the anion 2, high functional materials and the use of solid anion material and detect 3, anion health products research and development testing, performance assessment of the four, all kinds of negative ions powder test, such as natural ores, anion powder, tourmaline ( Ms tomalin) , meteorites anion content such as testing and evaluation. 5, all kinds of test and evaluation of solid anion products, such as negative ion bracelet, cushions, anion energy cup, khan steam room, laccolith bath, paint coating, such as research and development and testing. 6, test and evaluation of various liquid anion products such as nano silver, negative ion face film, negative ion cleanser r&d and testing 7, other related emerging industry. Solid anion tester innovative features: 1, the solid anion tester using American zui's first GM tube ion detection technique, measurement, 2, USES the large screen liquid crystal display, the measured results at a glance, 3, built-in storage capabilities, 28 pen data can be stored, convenient for the user to check, record and contrast test, 4 protection network, solid anion tester unique sensors and sliding protection cover, zui large extent avoid customer sensor damage caused by misuse, save costs and improve test efficiency, 5, and a variety of patterns to provide users with fast, measurement method, 6, the universal 9 v battery power supply and automatic shutdown function, convenience for the users and save energy consumption.
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