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by:HoldPeak     2020-04-19
Raore: Raja Ramanna Advanced Technology Center (RRCAT)
Developed high voltage power supply for ion
Migration spectrum (IMS)
Detector-based manufacturing by Electronics Co. , Ltd (ECIL)
And the atomic research center of Indira Gandhi (IGCAR), Kalpakkam.
Security personnel use IMS detectors to detect explosives and drugs.
Dr PA Naik, director of RRCAT and ecil agm vv Satyanarayana signed a technology transfer agreement on Monday.
\"High voltage pulse power supply and high voltage DC power supply are key components of IMS detector.
These items are currently imported. Hyderabad-
\"RRCAT, based in ECIL, has come into contact with RRCAT to get these self-developed power supplies,\" said RRCAT officials . \".
The main challenge, they say, is to develop high-voltage power supplies with compact size, low loss and ideal performance, adding that RRCAT\'s team has successfully developed the two power supplies to the required specifications
The power supply has been successfully tested.
Stop the operation for 45 days.
These power supplies must be able to operate around the clock, as IMS detectors will be deployed at strategic locations for a variety of key applications, as well as harbors and airports for detecting explosives, drugs, chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals.
ECIL calls this development a major breakthrough in IMS detector native development.
This will reduce dependence on imports and increase itself. reliance.
The company said supply costs would be very low compared to imports.
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