Small stations, power wisdom agriculture

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-23

| small wisdom agriculture meteorological station

real-time monitoring temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, air pressure, photosynthetic radiation, evaporation and soil temperature, soil moisture, and other meteorological parameters of meteorological elements configuration mode can be flexible configuration according to the actual situation.

small stations feature

1, microcomputer meteorological data acquisition device with meteorological data acquisition, real-time clock, time storage, parameters setting, historical data and meteorological power-fail protection function. Active ceramic antenna to make positioning more accurate by meteorological monitoring software can accurately locate view monitoring area meteorological environment data, convenient to move observed meteorological data, standardization of industrial control design, portable vibration control structure, Chinese character LCD keyboard interface, the use of advanced double screen display technology, the main screen display real-time meteorological data, auxiliary display geography information including location, altitude, weather forecast information, etc. , friendly man-machine interface, easy to live in real time to check the weather analysis data, without an external computer terminal equipment.

2. Be able to connect cable, LAN connection, optical fiber connection, Modem connection, GPRS mobile communications, digital radio, 3 g communications, satellite communications, and other communications and weather stations receiving the server of meteorological monitoring system.

3, automatic meteorological station management software can real-time display various data, updated once every 10 seconds, each group of data automatic storage ( Storage time can be set) Are connected to the printer, automatic printing store data, generate standard meteorological graphic reports and statistical analysis curve, storage for several years, data storage formats for the EXCEL standard format for other software calls, and the data can be uploaded to the professional website for updated in real time to facilitate the query.

4, there are 220 v electric power supply system, dc 5 v, 12 v and solar energy power supply system in a variety of ways to choose. Meteorological data collector equipped with green energy-saving power management module system, such as using the solar energy power supply system way, ensures continuous rainy day power case for ten days without steady work.

5, stainless steel and light metal stent field protection box, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, anti-interference, can run on a variety of harsh outdoor environment for a long time, including mounting bracket height 2. 5 m able to install meteorological sensor according to the specification requirement.

6, complete lightning protection, anti-jamming and other protection measures. In electronic circuit adopted a variety of anti-jamming measures, such as thunder, suppress noise in the aspect of hardware and software design of the derating design, electromagnetic compatibility design, outliers removed, a variety of reliability design technologies such as reliable operation in various harsh field environment, low power consumption, high stability, high precision, and can be unattended.

small stations application

small stations are widely used in meteorology, agriculture, to detect the influence of climate change on crops, farmland planting, scientific management of small stations is agriculture, Chinese Academy of Sciences, TuFeiZhan, institutions of higher learning dedicated equipment, suitable for standard fertile land, water-saving irrigation project.

data query functions: support arbitrary time period of all kinds of real-time data, historical data query, export, printing function.

can add LED display ( The ac power supply) , size is adjustable, collected real-time meteorological data and other information set.

small weather stations

small stations by meteorological sensors, meteorological data recorder, the power system, the wild protection box and stainless steel stents, etc. Wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, evaporation, such as sensor for specialized meteorological sensor, has the characteristics of high precision with high reliability. Meteorological data recorder with meteorological data acquisition, meteorological data timing storage, parameter setting, friendly software interface and standard communication function.

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