Smart wind pressure gauge is used to detect wind speed to use

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-04
Smart wind pressure gauge is used to test the function of the wind speed will use smart wind pressure gauge is a kind of high stability of pressure instrument, applicable to various pressures within the scope of the positive pressure, negative pressure and differential pressure of the gas and the wind speed measurement, is the environmental monitoring station, laboratory, medicine and health care, building air conditioning heating, ventilation, clean room pressure test or calibration of the ideal instrument, with standard pitot tube can be read directly measuring gas flow rate. Smart wind pressure gauge imported high accuracy high stability micro pressure sensor, imported high precision, high stability, temperature and humidity sensors, to measure wind speed, wind pressure, air velocity, temperature, humidity and a data recording function, can be detected with pitot wind speed, but also has double row liquid crystal display (LCD), digital direct reading, the characteristics of complete function, accurate measurement, is widely used in fire protection, hvac, electrical appliances, clean rooms, meteorological, coal mine, kiln, scientific research, factories, schools, pipe, air blower factory and other units, it is air blower factory, coal mine underground pipeline is used to measure wind speed, wind pressure air volume of the instrument. Smart wind pressure gauge product features: 1. Differential pressure, air temperature, wind speed, humidity measurement. 2. Pressure, air temperature, wind speed, air humidity value direct reading and connect the computer output measurement data ( Optional) 。 3. Can enter skin coefficient of pipe, air density. 4. Adopt imported micro pressure sensor, ultra-low power microcomputer, high-performance instrumentation amplifier. 5. Adopt imported temperature and humidity sensor. 6. All touch keys, number zero. 7. Portable, multi-function, high resolution, high accuracy, high stability. 8. Smart wind pressure gauge with functions of measurement value of temperature compensation and intelligent numerical stability. 9. Low battery voltage indicator, super pressure range scale. 10. The use of laminated section 9 v battery can work continuously more than 50 hours.
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