Speed anemometer, instrument has the advantage

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-23

anemometer, introduces the advantages of

anemometer, is an instrument for measuring air velocity. Its sort is more, the most commonly used for the wind cup anemometer, meteorological offices and stations, it is composed of three to 120 & deg; Fixed on the bracket of the parabolic taper part of induction, the empty cup empty cup of concave forward a direction. The induction part installed on a vertical axis, in under the action of wind, the wind cup axis is proportional to the speed of the wind speed to rotate.

anemometer, its basic principle is a thin metal wire in a fluid, the flow of electricity heating wire, make its temperature is higher than the temperature of the fluid, so called wire anemometer hotline. When the fluid flows through the wire along the vertical direction, will take away part of the metal wire heat, temperature drops make wire.

anemometer has many advantages, here are a few of the more important:

1, small volume, little interference flow field;

2, wide applicable scope. Not only can be used in the gas can also be used for liquid, gas in subsonic, transonic and supersonic flow in all can use;

3, high measurement precision and the repeatability is good. The disadvantage of hot wire anemometer is probe interference flow field to a certain extent, hotline is easy to break.

4, in addition to measure average speed, can also be measured fluctuating value and amount of turbulence; In addition to the measurement of single direction can also be measured simultaneously multiple directions velocity component.

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