Speed measuring principle and characteristics of the anemometer

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-24

introduced the principle and features of anemometer

the anemometer is an instrument for measuring air velocity. Is a thin metal wire in a fluid, the flow of electricity heating wire, make its temperature is higher than the temperature of the fluid, so the wire is called the hotline.

anemometer features:

small volume, little interference flow field;

high frequency response, up to 1 MH z.

high measuring precision, good repeatability. The disadvantage of hot wire anemometer is probe interference flow field to a certain extent, hotline is easy to break.

show volume flow directly. Input pipe cross-sectional area, can accurately calculate the volume flow.

instrument has the average time period or more function, is used to calculate the average flow rate.

calculating the average multipoint/period, keep the key, keep reading, with backlight.

automatic shutdown function, protect the soft cover, waterproof and dustproof, crash-proof

in addition to measure average speed, can also be measured fluctuating value and amount of turbulence; In addition to the measurement of single direction can also be measured simultaneously multiple directions velocity component.

it can display the maximum, minimum, with the function of reading to keep.

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