stmicroelectronics raises performance, efficiency, and security of next-generation digital power applications with stm32g4 microcontrollers

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P4159SSTMicroelectronics improves Next-performance, efficiency and security
In May 28, 2019, with the addition of additional sensors to the latest smart electronics, the power generation digital power supply application of the Xperia G4 microprocessor-
Higher driver features
High-efficiency power technology, such as silicon carbide or Gan, saves energy and Italian semiconductor (NYSE: STM)
As a global semiconductor leader in providing services to customers in the field of electronic applications, the company has launched the next generation of micro-controllers with management performance.
With the goal of advanced digital power applications and consumer and industrial appliances, two new hardware mathematical accelerators have been introduced into the new Xperia G4 * microprocessor, use Cordic1 and filtering functions in a range of functions to enhance the processing of applications to support higher performance
To accelerate computing, such as energy triangles.
The accelerator saves the motor control in the appliance or air conditioner and the filtering of signal regulation or digital power control, faster and more effective than the calculation result of the general accelerator
Main processor.
This offloading also frees up space for the core to receive more sensor data and control additional user functions.
More new features include
Resolution power conversion timer with various built-in functions
In the function of uninstalling the CPU and simplifying the life of the developer.
And higher.
Ultra-high performance analog peripherals and converters
Speed connection of Lightning
Respond quickly to external events and support the latest USB-
C interface, with power delivery function, allows for fast charging or convenient power supply to devices up to 100 watts“Cutting-
Edge consumer and industrial products can now offer more at a lower price, taking advantage of the innovations we have designed in the Xperia G4 series, \"said Ricardo De Sa Earp, managing director of stmicroelectronics\'s micro-controller division
\"Based on the unprecedented concept of the Xperia F3 series, the series integrates a wealth of enhanced peripherals and interfaces with the industry --
Standard ARM®Our latest micro-controller core now extends the scope of the application and helps simplify the design while reducing power consumption and improving performance.
With faster computing speed, higher accuracy and higher functional integration, the mobilg4 mcu supports additional features and improves energy efficiency in a range of smart-oriented productsliving, smart-
Factory and intelligence
Energy applications.
These cross e-
Including e-
Advanced motor control, lighting, construction, bicycle, Digital Power-
Automation products and so on.
In addition, scalable secure storage areas, debugging for secret storage and secure real-time firmware upgrades-
Access Prevention after programming to reduce the threat side, status-of-the-art AES-
256 encryption, unique device ID and real random-
Number generator (TRNG)
Enable developers to handle the latest network
Security challenges.
Of the 100 devices ST plans to offer for the series, more than 152 are already available, from 32-
Performance Line and high pin package
Resolution line mcu with up to 107 fast input/output pins.
The price starts at $1. 68 (10,000-unit price)
For the 32-with 32 k byte flash memory in
Pins are encapsulated in the cucn32.
For more technical information: MCU architecture the Xperia G4 series is based on existing innovations created by ST to improve performance and efficiency, such as ART Accelerator™And our
SRAM routine booster.
These enhance both dynamic and static memory-
Excellent overall cache performance
Application and real
Time performance of efficient power budget.
ST\'s new hardware math accelerator has increased the stakes again by introducing a filter
Mathematical accelerator (FMAC)
Dedicated CORDIC engine.
These new peripherals provide faster results for rotation and vector triangles used in motor control, as well as general logarithmic, curvature, and exponential functions, FIR/FIR filtering for 3 p/3z controllers in signal conditioning or digital power supplies and vector functions such as convolution and correlation.
The Xperia G4 series is built on a high
Speed 170 MHz implementation of Arm Cortex®-
M4 core with floating
Point Units and DSP extensions based on 213 DMIPS and 550 CoreMark®[2].
Also have power
From advanced technology and architecture to advanced peripheral sleep/wake-up management, innovation is always maintained.
More important new features include: the new Xperia G4 series therefore complements the existing Xperia F3 series with triple performance, the new device has an ambient temperature rating of up to 125 °C, double
Bank memory for real-time firmware upgrades, as well as new package options including qfp80 and qfp128.
STM32G4 is very powerful for interference and is particularly immune to rapid transient outbreaks (FTB)
To the highest level--
5, which means that the voltage on the device actually exceeds 4kV (IEC 61000-4-4).
In order to help with the development of the ecosystem expansion, ST has passed the Affordable nuclear Board (NUCLEO-
G474RE and nuclear-G431RB)and full-
Featured evaluation board (STM32G474E-
EVAL and bugg484e-
Password for EVAL)
For the package of the iosg4 compact cubb4 mcu.
There is also a dedicated motor control core package (P-NUCLEO-IHM03)
Software development suite (X-CUBE-MCSDK v5. 4)
And on-line Motor-
Control tools, ST-MC-
Suite to help users navigate the ecosystem and find and organize the resources needed for the project.
Dedicated discovery kit with digitalPower and motor-
The control capability of the Xperia G4 series will be launched in the third quarter of 2019.
You can also read our registered and/or unregistered trademarks in Italian Semiconductor International NV or its affiliates in the EU and/or other places, in Italian Semiconductor\'s Xperia G4 mcu
In particular, stm is registered with the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office.
STMicroelectronicsST is a global semiconductor leader in providing intelligence and energy
Efficient products and solutions to power the core electronics of everyday life.
Today, ST\'s products are everywhere, and together with our customers, we support smarter driving and smarter factories, cities and homes, as well as the next generation of mobile and IoT devices.
By getting more from technology and more from life, ST stands for life. augmented.
The company\'s net income for 2018 was $9.
66 billion, serving more than 100,000 customers around the world.
More information can be found on www. st. com.
News information contact: director of Michael Markowitz, Italian semiconductor technology media relationship Tel: 781 591 0354 e-mail: Michael. markowitz@st.
Com1 CORDIC-coordinate rotating digital computer: a computational efficient algorithm for processing high-precision basic mathematical functions
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