T1 hand-held tool type and characteristics of the infrared thermal imager application field

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-11
T1 handheld infrared thermal imager applications: ( 1) Industrial electronics: insulation lining abrasion test, battery leakage current detection and assessment of remedial measures, etc. ( 2) Building science: rapid detection and search a roof water seepage phenomenon, for commercial building and residential building infrared energy assessment survey, geothermal materials and heating floor installation inspection maintenance. ( 3) Scientific detection: solar products cracked and poor welding test, reliability test circuit PCB, electronic encapsulation and fever detection circuit. ( 4) Other areas: iron and steel, electric power, petrochemical and other industries of equipment testing. T1 handheld infrared thermal imager main characteristics: ( 1) 120 x 80 x 120 and 80 two optional detector pixels ( 2) 0. 6 ℃ high thermal sensitivity ( 3) Fixed focal length lens, use more convenient, 4) Dual band image fusion display mode, image more clear and easy to locate fever ( 5) 3. 2 inch LCD screen, 50 hz image display ( 6) Full screen zui high/zui low temperatures, with sound and light alarm function ( 7) 60 seconds voice recording, be stored together with the JPEG images ( 8) USB have charge/data transfer function ( 9) Compact appearance, accord with human body engineering design ( 10) 1. Resistance to drop 5 m
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