Take you into the infrared temperature screening device

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-03
Take you into the infrared temperature screening instrument release date: 2020 - 03 - 30 accounted

the infrared temperature screening instrument including measurement temperature, as the name suggests is like some NongJiaRen sieve lai screening high quality product, inferior elimination, and infrared temperature screening device, it can tell you the temperature is normal or need to go to the hospital. This apply to schools, kindergartens, factories, enterprises, tourist attractions, to return to work rehabilitation.

infrared temperature screening instrument to detect in the flow of the crowd and rapid temperature screening, automatic alarm function, fixed-point individually troubleshoot high temperature individuals use to not touch temperature measuring, testing personnel away from the tested groups, so as to avoid cross infection.

this product features: (1) with a high pixel infrared image fusion technology, temperature measurement in the visible light image directly; (2) the inspection and quarantine for handheld thermal imager; (3) : temperature measurement accuracy up to & le; 0. 3℃; (4) the operation is simple, durable, high protection grade two meters drop resistance; (4) real-time video, all process on record; (5) the product temperature precision, stability, can meet such as airport, haikou, station crowded places.

in the process of screening, suspicious fever patient (if any) immediately start automatic alarm mode, a blinking indicating lights and speech detection to the human body. Surface temperature data, linkage webcam, linkage door brake, the brake machine and other equipment, the linkage device will respond at the same time, the timely and effective to prevent cross infection of stream, nip in the bud.

the creation of science and technology can better life to people in life, there is a saying: science and technology to create a better future, now do you know there has been a new infrared temperature screening and quarantine?

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